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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on tailoring your resume for the Category Manager - Procurement role at Quest Diagnostics! In this cheatsheet, we'll provide you with expert tips and essential keywords to help you craft a standout resume that aligns with the requirements of the job.


Quest Diagnostics is a leading provider of diagnostic information services, and the Category Manager plays a crucial role in managing the procurement process for specific product categories within the Consumables, Collections, and Supplies portfolio. This includes overseeing "kitting suppliers" based in the United States, negotiating contracts, and ensuring the timely procurement of supplies to meet Quest Diagnostics' needs.


Whether you're an experienced procurement professional or transitioning from a different industry, this guide will help you highlight your relevant skills, accomplishments, and qualities to position yourself as a strong candidate for the Category Manager - Procurement role. Let's dive in and learn how to tailor your resume effectively!

Free Quest Diagnostics Cheat Sheet for Application Success

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