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NO Interview Needed! NON-PHONE Job Paying $20 Per Hour

Get started working from home today with this no-interview non-phone job! Check it out:

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Job Description

Since 1996 Allegis has provided premiere transcription services to industry giants through large, long-term contracts. This combination of volume and stability allows Allegis the opportunity to provide work to a large and growing team of transcriptionists across the country. Integrity, care, and connections with our transcriptionists are integral to our success and set Allegis apart as a contract of choice.

Allegis transcriptionists work remotely as independent contractors providing high-quality legal and insurance transcription. Contract work is available for a wide range of experience types including options to begin transcription work for the first time.

Working with Allegis

Allegis offers fair market per-page pay rates as well as access to an abundance of work with the expectation of significant growth for the foreseeable future. We also offer:

• A quality development program to introduce standards and processes

• A transcription community network with discussion forum and resource library

• A transparent QA feedback program

• An accessible support team

Skill Requirements

Allegis requires the ability to consistently and independently transcribe multi-speaker audio recordings completely, accurately, and in adherence to formatting standards and quality requirements. This also includes:

• Fast and accurate typing and word processing

• Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills

• Proofreading and editing skills

• Aptitude for discerning challenging audio and accented speech

• Processing and responding well to quality feedback

• Reliably meeting established deadlines

Contract Requirements

• Available and willing to commit time to an initial quality development program

• Availability to meet per-week production minimums

• Up-to-date PC with Microsoft operating system (8+), anti-virus protection, and Word (2013+)

• High-speed internet connection

• Foot pedal and headset (and audio player for legal work)

• Proficient, self-sufficient hardware and software use and maintenance

Job Advertisement

Search the internet and ask the transcription community at large - Allegis offers a great opportunity to work from home yet still be a part of a community dedicated to getting the job done right.


This is an Independent Contractor position and as such is ineligible to participate in any Allegis employee compensation or benefit programs. Work will be on an as needed/as available basis, all equipment used will be that of the Independent Contractor's, and the work location will be virtual and at the discretion of the Independent Contractor. All work must be conducted by transcriptionists based within the United States.

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