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(No Experience Required!) Get Paid $18 per Hour to Give Your Feedback - Part Time Job

Student - Student Experience Reviewer

Locations: Remote (United States) Time type: Part time Posted on: Posted Yesterday Job requisition id: R0009754

Position Summary: As Southern New Hampshire University develops new curriculum, course modules and learning software, the Customer Experience (CX) Insights team is seeking Student Experience Reviewers to provide feedback on new developments so that they may be optimized prior to launch. Student Experience Reviewers engage with and provide constructive feedback for new courses and products which are currently being developed. This involves working through course modules and experiences in detail, reviewing instructions, rubrics, and assignments, logging into learning resources and third-party software applications, looking for bugs or inconsistencies, and providing thorough feedback through a standard template. Student Experience Reviewers enable SNHU to identify issues that need resolving and optimize the student experience prior to launch. To be successful in this role, the Student Experience Reviewer must be detail oriented, able to commit to a short-term assignment and complete prescribed activities within established timelines. The Reviewer should be able to communicate via SNHU email and video call to receive assignments, instructions and provide ongoing quality feedback on his or her experience. We value diversity. SNHU is looking for students of all abilities, backgrounds, orientations, and interests for this role. An example schedule for this role is as follows. This is a short term assignment that should last about a month, but could go shorter or longer depending on availability:

  • Week 1: Orientation and on boarding (1-2 hours) 

  • Week 2: Review two course modules (5-10 hours)  

  • Week 3: Review three course modules (10-15 hours)  

  • Week 4: Review two course modules and participate in 45 minutes call (5-10 hours) 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Able to commit to specific short-term assignment(s) without interruption

  • Complete on boarding assignments including signing a nondisclosure agreement

  • Communicate regarding schedule changes or accommodation

  • Work through provided materials in detail, reviewing instructions, rubrics, and assignments as outlined

  • Log into all applicable learning resources and third-party applications, looking for any bugs or inconsistencies

  • Provide quality feedback on the experience using a standard template

  • Complete all assignments within communicated timelines

  • Log in to personal SNHU email account several times a week to receive assignments and communicate

  • Submit work hours using SNHU’s standard process

  • Other duties, responsibilities, or activities as assigned

Minimum Qualifications: Qualifications include:

  • Active enrollment at Southern New Hampshire University

  • Stable internet access and ability to attend video calls

  • Writing and verbal communication skills

  • Detail oriented

  • Time management skills

Preferred Qualifications: We value diversity. SNHU is looking for candidates of all abilities, backgrounds, orientations, and interests. Required Screener Survey Please complete the following Qualtrics screener survey to provide additional details about yourself.

** According to my research, this role gets paid an estimated: $28,000 - $38,000 a year. Questions about this info? Please feel free to verify by contacting the company directly or inquire during the interview phase.

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