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NEVER Be Broke Again! 10+ Ideas to Make Extra Money from Your Smartphone to Pay Your Rent TODAY

1. Monetize Your Care with RideSharing or Renting

Do you have downtime when you are not using your vehicle? Are you in need of extra money? Consider renting your vehicle on a platform like Turo or ride sharing with Lyft and Uber. These websites are easy to join and bring customers to you. This takes out the extra work in finding your next customer. Make this a side hustle gig or a full time job opportunity that pays the bills. Bonus: The ride sharing platforms also include medical benefits that helps you and your family.

2. Make Income Sharing Your Passion on SkillShare

Do you have a skill to share with others? You can create helpful tutorials to teach others how to do a variety of different things. Topics range from sewing to video editing. Make passive income from home by creating downloadable digital products and selling them. The possibilities are endless on SkillShare!

3. Teach Music or Vocal Coaching Online

If you have a knack for playing the piano, guitar, or you can sing in and out the shower very well, you may consider teaching others online. Share with your followers on social media or sign up for a free site like that brings the customers to you.

4. Create Your Own Story and Sell it Online

Do you enjoy writing stories? Is your favorite past time reading? Sign up for and create your own story to sell! The best part is this can be a digital book or a physical book. Share with your friends and family or take it a step up and reach out to a publisher. Each time your book sells you earn royalty on top of the potential to earn up to $10,000.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Sure you have probably heard this term go around online but have you considered how you could make easy money doing this? If you enjoy shopping and sharing your purchases, this could be the easiest way to earn passive income. Simply sign up for Amazon Affiliates. Each time you share a link, you have the ability to earn a commission on that purchase. Post it on your social media page, blog, or directly to your friends and family. Bonus: High cost items (ex: electronics, furniture, etc) have greater earning potential.

6. Online Tutoring

Get paid to tutor students in your spare time. Sign up for and teach others from a wide variety of topics such as Math, History, Science, etc. You can share your freelancing services on your social media to drive your friends to the platform (or share with others).

7. Watch Your Neighbor's Dog

Do you love animals? A great way to make more money around your schedule is to offer pet sitting services to your friends and family. You would be surprised how many of them truly need help with their furry friends. Sign up for and create an account to get started. Be sure that you take great pictures of your pet-friendly living space to earn the trust of your target audience. Bonus: You can choose how much money you will be paid.

8. Flip Websites

This idea may sound foreign but hear me out. Buying and selling domains is one of the most passive ways to make income from home and it does not take much of your time. If you have a knack for coding, you could use your skills to buy a domain, recreate it, and offer your price when you sell. A great resource to check out is

9. Gather Info for TaskRabbit

Tons of companies are looking for ordinary people to help gather information through research to strengthen their business. Get employed by Complete research tasks and get paid up to $80 per hour.

10. Rent Out Your Driveway

This is a genius side hustle for anyone with extra driveway space (especially if you live close to a school or college). Hundreds of teachers and students fight for limited parking spaces every day. You could be the solution to this headache by posting on a platform such as Offer your space to boats, trucks, etc and earn hundreds each month.

11. Flea Market Flip Furniture

Have you seen the HGTV show Flea Market Flip? Contestants compete against one another to find the best thrifted finds to refurbish (and they make an amazing return back). - This could be you! Simply visit your local thrift store, consignment shop, or flea market. Find a piece that you can flip and recreate it. You could earn money while having a blast reselling on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and even Ebay!

12. Review Resumes

Are you always getting hired to your #1 choice jobs? Perhaps you could help others get ahead in their career by offering resume writing services. Sign up for freelancing services on and get paid up to $200+ per resume on your time!