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(Introvert-Friendly!) Get Paid $30 per Hour to Work from Your Laptop/Phone! | Part-Time Job Hiring!

Social Media Content Creator Description

iMarket Solutions is seeking a 1099, contracted Social Media Content Creator. This position designs top-quality content for the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter properties for our home services industry clients. She or he writes posts, creates hashtags and designs graphics based on an established content calendar, style guide and brand brief given to them by the iMarket Solutions Social Media Specialist.

The Social Content Creator communicates with the internal Social Media Specialist by email, Google Chat and ClickUp. Hours for this position are flexible, but this person is responsive during the hours of 8AM and 4PM PST for communications. The Social Content Creator is the artist that creates social content under the direction of the Social Media Specialist, who acts in a producer role.

This is a high-volume project, $30 an hour at up to 20 hours a week, with a typical monthly content calendar involving up to a dozen posts a month per client. As such, the role requires a balance of creativity and consistency, with the Social Content Creator composing many iterations of a concept across multiple clients.