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Get Paid $20 - $40 Per Hour to Write! | Set Your Own Schedule & Work on Your Own Terms.


Apply to Work with Express Writers

We’re an experienced team of writers and editors who work together to create high-quality, high value web content. Our clients are a mix of agencies, individuals, and small businesses looking for the best content in their industry.

When you work with us you’ll be part of a dynamic team always learning and developing new skills. Our wordsmiths are passionate about creating well-researched content with a focus on SEO to grow our clients’ brands.

What makes a great EW Writer?

We’re looking for the best writers and editors in their fields, so you might be a good fit if:

  • You’re a US-based native English speaker.

  • Your grasp on grammar is stellar and your spelling is impeccable.

  • You understand SEO best practices and how to use them in your writing.

  • You pride yourself on clear communication and a team-based mindset.

  • You never stop learning and appreciate the chance to grow your skills.

  • You’re capable of synthesizing critiques to regularly produce better content.

Why Work with Express Writers?

There are a variety of benefits when you’re a part of our team:

  • Industry-leading training.

  • Training opportunities to grow your skills.

  • You’re never alone: work with other writers, editors, and managers that care about helping you do your best work.

  • Assignments are interesting, unique, and allow you to utilize your skillsets.

  • Competitive compensation for your experience levels.

  • Autonomy about the projects and brands you choose to work with.


In this competitive market, it’s always important that you have ways to grow your career and gain valuable experience.

For Writers Currently, there are three levels of writers: General: Requires minimal writing experience and great for entry-level writers who still have natural writing skills. Level 1: These are newer writers with a few months to 2 years of experience. Level 2: 5+ years of content writing experience, regular experience with larger volume assignments, proven track record, and industry specialization. Some fields will require an advanced degree, including legal, health, and finance.

For Editors

We pay our editors by the hour, starting at $15 per hour. All EW editors are expected to edit a minimum of 3,000 words per hour.

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