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Auditor - (22003691)

Description The primary purpose of this position is to identify, analyze and improve quality, to ensure delivery of SLA quality metrics per our client contract. This includes but is not limited to auditing, creating & reviewing quality reports, trending and analyzing audit findings, answering examiner questions, client communications, training, continuing education programs assisting in the development of employees so they can keep pace with the changing needs of the organization, and to ensure that processes are in place to meet the goals and objectives of the client and the organization. Position may also include work as needed to assist on other accounts.

This position works with minimal supervision and is frequently required to use professional skills, discretion and sensitivity while addressing various quality and training issues. This individual works as a team member in determining departmental needs and serves as a resource for the representatives and management. Provide quality reviews and individual feedback for the further development of each employee. Must be able to work well with a variety of individuals and be able to resolve issues professionally. This individual is a leader who interfaces with various operations management personnel.

Required Skills: