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This is your next
to make a change
Like a Boss. 


What would you do if you could Make More Money 
from your couch?

The world is changing. To be your own boss is most ideal. Not only is it very convenient, but it also allows the freedom to devote attention to the things (and people) that matter most. Today there are plenty of opportunities to make money without having to step one foot into a physical office. However, many are found to be scams. I find the best legitimate jobs to avoid the headache.


Work From Home  Remote Jobs 
Non-Phone Jobs 

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Free Equipment     Full Benefits 

Freelance Online Work


to the rat-race & be
the boss from home.


Hi! I am Desiree Marie - the one-woman show behind Boss From Home. I am a wife, mama of one energetic toddler, and a work-from-home Entrepreneur. After the burnout of juggling work/life imbalance, commuting 45 minutes to a job that left me feeling overworked with barely any energy to spend with my family, I knew that I needed a change ... FAST.

But then it hit me. There are millions of others just like me - existing on the threads of a prayer and a large Espresso. Somehow the rat-race lifestyle has become so normalized! Personally, it began to slowly take a toll on me mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The entire vision behind Boss From Home is to help others (like myself) reclaim their lives financially. There is nothing like the freedom you feel when money is not a problem. I want you to know that you CAN be the high-earning boss crushing it all from home. Join me on this journey!

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